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DAWN OF ETERNITY is a semi-realistic rpg about the supernatural caused by the ultimate virus centuries ago.

Are you going to survive this world?

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 Mia Cross

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“ Character „
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Breed: Koala bear

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BerichtOnderwerp: Mia Cross do dec 17, 2015 11:59 pm

Mia Cross

General Information
Full name; Mia Cross
Gender; Female
Age; 21
Date of birth; August 10th, 1994
Zodiac sign; Libra
Species; Human - Koala Bear
Sexual orientation; Bisexual
Living in; Aelianair City

Physical Information
Height; 1.63 m
Weight; 54 kg
Build; Slim
Ethnicity; White
Hairstyle; Long, wild
Hair color; Blue
Eye color; Hazel
Cup size; 75B
Shoe size; 38 EU
Scars; None

Allergies; None
Handicaps; None
Medication; SSRI's
Phobias; Claustrophobic
Addictions; Cigarettes
Mental disorders; Bipolar disorder
Smoking; Yes
Drinking; Yes
Drug use; Marijuana only

Parents; Philip Cross and Marzia Cross-Harris
Siblings; Dante Cross
Significant other(s); None
Ex(es); Aaron [NPC]
Friends; None
Enemies; Aaron [NPC]
Pets; None

Social class
Lower education; Elementary, middle and high school
College; Art school drop-out
Occupation; None
Former occupations; Background singer, waitress
Organizations/Affiliations; None

Religion; None
Crime record; Petty theft
Political party; Democrat
Motivation; Love
Superstition; Lucky cigarette

Likes and Dislikes
Interests; Music, partying, making friends, traveling
Skills; Guitar playing, singing, boxing, holding liquor
Likes; Drinking, dancing, singing, partying, making music, sleeping
Dislikes; Getting up early, pushy people, snobby people

History before DoE;
Mia was born as Violet Aldaine, the second child of Philip and Marzia Aldaine. Raised with a brother in a lower class family, Mia grew up poor. Her father worked as an office clerk at a nine to five job, while her mother stayed home to fulfill her female gender roll. Mia and her brother Dante often were made fun of for being poor, always having to wear thrift store clothes and use secondhand school supplies. They weren't impopular, however. The children managed to gain quite some friends and grew up relatively well. High school proved to be a bumpy road for Mia. Her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when she was sixteen, and he lost his life a few weeks after. She lost interest in her schoolwork due to the sudden loss and failed most of her classes repeatedly. The hospitalization of her father put the family in huge debt as well, burning out their mother, Marzia. Thus, the children started to get full-time jobs, and Mia worked as a waitress for a few years. To cope with the stress of her family life, she started smoking and drinking excessively. On one of her waitressing jobs, she met Aaron. A relatively well-looking guy, and they became friends. It soon appeared he was from the upper class and certainly not afraid to flaunt it. For a while, they dated and appeared to be very happy together. Mia stopped smoking and her health started to increase. However, everything turned out to not be what it seemed. Mia found out Aaron was diagnosed with an antisocial disorder and that he was in fact a very violent person. Aaron started obsessing over her, stalking her and eventually physically abused Mia. She fled, chaging her name and dyeing her hair blue in the hopes of avoiding him.

History in DoE;
• Arrived in Aelianair City.
• Met Malia Sands.
• Met Ace Raiden.
• Met Anthony Bastet.
• Went to Anthony's Full Moon Party.

21 yrs + koala bear + single + thanks charlie
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Mia Cross

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