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DAWN OF ETERNITY is a semi-realistic rpg about the supernatural caused by the ultimate virus centuries ago.

Are you going to survive this world?

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 Sareth Levíson

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“ Character „
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Breed: Chrysilla Lauta (Elegant Golden Jumping Spider)

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BerichtOnderwerp: Sareth Levíson vr jan 08, 2016 4:10 pm

Take the pain, take the pleasure, I'm the master of both


Name: Sareth Carolyn Levíson
Nicknames: Saar, Sari, better not go around calling her Saartje
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Sexual orientation: Although she would probably do anyone when she feels like they can be of benefit to her, she doesn't fall in love. Or she hasn't, at least. Were she to fall in love, it's not very likely for it to be with a girl.


Mother: Carolyn Levíson / Webb died right after giving birth to Sareth.
Father: Marcellus Levíson raised Sareth as best as he could. For as long as Sareth can remember, he has been involved in the drugs world. He is supplier to a couple of dealers in Aelanair City and its surrounding countryside and has been able to support Sareth throughout her life this way.


Hair color: Very light blond
Hair style: Very long, naturally straight but she often curls it.
Eye color: Blue
Height: 1,67 m
Weight: 50 kg
Build: Slender. She's slim, but has enough booty and boobies to work with.
Scars/tattoos/piercings: Sareth has four x's tattooed on the inside of her left wrist. In her left ear she has eight piercings from her cartilage down to her lobe. In her right ear, she has just one and she also has a tragus piercing. She's thinking about taking an industrial. She also has a teeny tiny cute belly piercing.

Type: Chrysilla Lauta, or elegant golden jumping spider.  


Money – Drugs – Alcohol – Manipulating others – Feeling needed – Parties – Revenge – Ruining those who've wronged her – Playing with people's feelings etc – Sex – High heels – Anything to numb the pain – Pleasuring others – Experiencing pleasure – Feeling powerful – Feeling like she is in charge – Strong personalities – People who don't give up – People who keep their mouths shut – Being adored
Dislikes: People who don't look up to her – Ignorance – Those who either have or long for a 'perfect life' – Stupidity – People who think they can lay down the law and tell her what to do – Not being in control/feeling powerless – Basically anyone unless they give her a reason not to
Traits: Arrogant – Rude – Sarcastic – Flirtatious – Charming – Selfish – Cold – Quickly bored – Calm – Shady – Unreliable – Sassy – Classy (in a weird, Sarilike way)  
Goals: Probably world domination at some point
Fears: Getting squashed by someone when in animal form – Ending up with no one left to adore her/being left alone – Aging ugly

There isn't much more to Sareth than meets the eye. The way she dresses, the way she talks and the way she behaves – or doesn't behave, if you will – give you quite an accurate insight in her personality. She's cold, some say that she's heartless and mostly they are right. For as far as she herself is concerned, she is indeed heartless, or at least she tries to be and is very succeeding in most cases. The only relationships she's willing to engage in, are sexual ones. Family has no meaning to her and 'friends' is what she uses to call those who can be useful to her. She always avoids getting close with someone because she doesn't want anyone to be in the position where he or she is able to hurt her emotionally. Of course she isn't a big fan of being hurt physically, but at least then she know she can manage and fight back by herself. She's never had her feelings hurt bad enough and she is aware of the fact that she probably wouldn't be able to handle it if someone was given the chance to hurt her like that. Her making sure that no one is able to get to know her, doesn't mean that she completely shuts down. She's very skilled socially and extremely manipulative. Even though no one will ever get close to the real her, Sareth is always trying to get to know others, to get inside their heads and learn their ways. She wants to know who's who and what she can or can't expect from them in order to be and stay in control. Those who are capable of remaining a mystery to her, will automatically be labeled in her head as either 'interesting', 'dangerous' or both. Sareth is - don't mind my language - a two-faced bitch who will smile at you and tell you you're great in bed, then laugh at whatever size your penis is. She has no morals or values, doesn't care about kids or animals or anything that others would consider cute or harmless, and will never go out of her way for others unless doing so could benefit her. She has a serious aversion to innocence and ignorance and has no patience for either one of those. Basically, she's just not a nice person and she herself is fully aware of this fact. Still, a lot of considerably good things are coming to her and so the chance that she will ever change her lifestyle, is near nonexistent. As long as you keep your distance and don't try to interfere with her emotions and her personal life, you're safe though. No one will blame you for having a purely physical relationship with her, for she does indeed know what she's doing and she does it well. Keeping your distance will definitely be rewarded.


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Sareth Levíson

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