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DAWN OF ETERNITY is a semi-realistic rpg about the supernatural caused by the ultimate virus centuries ago.

Are you going to survive this world?

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 Theodore Daniel Nam

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Age: 19 yo
Sex: Male
Breed: White Cheetah

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BerichtOnderwerp: Theodore Daniel Nam vr jan 08, 2016 11:05 pm

full name

theodore daniel nam


white cheetah

face claim

jimin park





human appearance
Standing at a height of 167cm, Teddy isn't exactly the tallest among his peers. He isn't exactly tall among anyone, really. Teddy tends to have a bit of a complex about this when pointed out. He weighs about 55kg, though this inclines to fluctuate from time to time. Teddy has little body fat, but isn't really too muscular either. His cheeks are somewhat chubby, giving him a rather cute appearance. Though most of his physique is quite slim, his thighs are naturally fairly thick.

Teddy's natural haircolour is black, but he rarely actually has it in this particular colour. He usually has his hair dyed a darker brown, though it is not unusual for him to dye it a lighter shade of brown or even orange or red. It is usually styled in an out-of-bed look. Teddy's eyes are a very dark brown, bordering on nearly black.

Teddy had his ears pierced for the first time a few years back. Recently he got a second piercing in his right ear and in the cartilage of his left ear. He has no tattoos, fearing he would regret them. His choice of clothing is a good mix of fashionable and casual, usually opting for bigger shirts that give him more freedom of movement. His pants are usually quite tight, showing off his thighs. He also really enjoys wearing shorts. Teddy also takes quite a liking to snapbacks and can usually be seen wearing them.

Teddy takes good care of his skin. With facial masks, moisturizers, scrubs and sunscreen he makes sure his skin looks fresh and clean. It is very unlikely that Teddy will go outside or even open the door to anyone without having put on some eyeliner. Without it, he feels shy and somewhat insecure about his smallish eyes. Teddy usually likes to accessorize himself with a bracelet or two and on occasion a necklace, though he isn't deeply attached to any of them.

animal appearance
Teddy's animal form is a cheetah. He's rather smallish, much like his human appearance. Unlike the average cheetah, Teddy's fur is white with black spots instead of the yellowgold with black spots that's normal. This appears to be nothing more than a colour mutation in the gene. His eyes are a blue-ish grey. Teddy's animal form is build rather slim, with most of the muscle in his hind legs.

Teddy is smart and clever, knowledgeable and quick-witted. He has always been a good student and picks up new things with ease. This does not only reflect on his vast book-knowledge and various little trivia facts, but lessons of life as well. His deduction skills are high and he's quite insightful about almost everything.

Teddy is generally kind and polite to anyone and quite enjoys helping others. He has no problem putting people before himself and won't think twice about it. This however does not mean he will let people walk all over him. He is, indeed, very capable of saying no when he thinks people are using him. Teddy has a zero tolerance level when it comes to discrimination. He dislikes liars and dishonesty and has no problem telling anyone off who are corrupt or untruthful.

Teddy is a quite hardworking person when it comes to basically anything. He puts his back into things and won’t back down from a challenge. He is not a quitter and will put in his all to be the best he can be. You could say he's somewhat of a perfectionist. This often makes him look kind of restless. It's quite hard for Teddy to just sit still and to not be doing anything. When indeed forced to do nothing, this usually results in tapping feet, shaking legs or fiddling.

Though not prominent, Teddy can be somewhat shy. While he enjoys talking and being the center of attention and meeting new people, he is habitually rather insecure. He wonders about being good enough and is scared of people disliking him. This may result in him putting up a front and closing himself off to people he deems untrustworthy.

Lastly it should be said Teddy does not particularly like being a shapeshifter. Not a moon has gone by were his shift did not hurt him exceptionally. Understandibly, Teddy has almost no control over his shifts whatsoever.
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Theodore Daniel Nam

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