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DAWN OF ETERNITY is a semi-realistic rpg about the supernatural caused by the ultimate virus centuries ago.

Are you going to survive this world?

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 Kellin Matsumoto

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“ Character „
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Breed: Black mamba

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i fell in love with someone else

Kellin Matsumoto

section one

Full name: Kellin Ryunosuke Matsumoto
First name: Kellin
Surname: Matsumoto
Nicknames: Kell, Kelly
Age: 25
Gender: Male
D.O.B. 12th of September
P.O.B. Japan, Okinawa
Breed: Black mamba (Snake)
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

section two

Human Appearance
Height: 1.76m
Weight: 62kg
Built: Fairly muscular, little bodyfat.
Hair colour: Brown-blackish
Hair style: Messy yet styled.
Eye colour: Dark brown
Piercings/tattoos: Earrings. Bar-code tattoo in the nape of his neck.
Scars: None
Style: Casual, messy, smart.

Animal appearance
Breed: Black Mamba - Snake.
Skin colour: Greyish tone- with white pale belly. The inside of his mouth is ink black.
Eye colour: Black
Built: He is 3.2m long and weighs approx. 1.8kg

section three

Character traits
+ Calm
+ Inventive
+ Caring
+ Easygoing
+ Charismatic

- Bit of a loner.
- Sarcastic
- Blunt
- Unorganized
- Slightly sadistic

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Kellin Matsumoto

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